The Team –

The Board

Gill Shaw

Deputy Chair

Rebecca Davey

Finance Director

Belinda Kendall


Rose Nairn


Emma Amos



Sharon Tuffin

Chief Executive Officer

Anna McKenry

Clinical Advisor (Executive)

Kerry Fitzroy

Community Services ACT/Region Manager

Tristan O’Connor

Justice Service Programs Manager

Dawn Bainbridge

Residential Services Manager (including Karralika Therapeutic Community and Family Program)

Louise Gilmour

Corporate Services Manager

Althea Brunskill

Community Services NSW Manager

Rebecca Wood

Clinical Services Director

Community Team

The Karralika Programs Community Services team works with staff and clients across various sites and programs within the ACT and NSW.
The team consists of 18 qualified staff composed of

  • Case Managers,
  • Counsellors,
  • Registered Nurses,
  • Aboriginal and Torres Strait Cultural Support Workers and
  • Community Development Officers.

The team covers a wide range of programs and services including.

  • Assessment and intake,
  • Pre residential treatment support,
  • Case management support for residents in our community residential treatment houses,
  • Home withdrawal and pharmacotherapy support,
  • Counselling services for individuals and families,
  • Post treatment outreach support,
  • Child and youth AOD counselling, withdrawal, and case management in NSW,
  • Cultural support for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander clients including children and their families and
  • Community support in southern regional NSW to the Community Drug Action Teams.

The Community Services team is committed to providing person centered, holistic care that aims to empower individuals and families to improve their lives and support people who are invested in the communities in which they live.

Kerry Fitzroy

Community Services Manager

Justice Services Team

The Justice Service Team incorporates Karralika staff members across two programs.

The Solaris Therapeutic Community operates within the Alexander Maconochie Centre, and is managed in partnership with ACT Corrective Services.  Justice Services Counselling operates with in the Community.

The Solaris team is composed of

  • Specialist Clinical Manager from Karralika Programs,
  • ACT Corrections Team Leader,
  • Three Karralika Programs Case Managers,
  • Two ACT Corrections Programs officers and
  • One Counsellor within Solaris to support participants to explore and address their alcohol and other drug misuse and
    consider the ties with criminality.

The Justice Service Counselling is composed of

  • One Counsellor who works with people who have recent links to Corrective Services and supports reintegration into the
    community as well as providing situational support.

The Justice Services team is committed to addressing systemic barriers, challenging stigma, providing education to participants and other stakeholders, and assisting people to self-actualise so that they have hope for a healthy future as they choose.

Mellissa Doran

Quality and Clinical Services Officer

Residential Team

The Residential Services Team deliver both the Adult and Family therapeutic community (TC) programs.
We are a highly skilled alcohol and drug and TC trained staff team comprising of

  • Coordinators,
  • Case Managers (including a dedicated Children’s Case Manager),
  • Support workers (including a dedicated Family Support Worker),
  • Primary Health Nurse,
  • Chef, and
  • Counsellors.

The team effectively collaborates in the development and delivery of

  • the individual and group programs,
  • health and medical services,
  • counselling and
  • the healthy eating and lifestyle programs offered as well as in the incorporation of specific, child/family focused activities into program.

All our staff are dedicated to the delivery of quality services which best meet the needs of our residents, both individuals and families, to improve their lives and to be able to make positive contribution to their communities.

Dawn Bainbridge

Residential Services Manager (including Karralika Therapeutic Community and Family Program)

Corporate Team

The Karralika Programs corporate team works with staff and clients across the various sites and programs within ACT and NSW.
There are 7 staff and a combined 80+ years of experience in the Community and Not for profit sector, that make up the corporate team from Administration to Finance.

The team itself covers a wide variety of support areas including

  • Reception,
  • Client Finance
  • Business Finance,
  • Marketing and communications,
  • Maintenance
  • Information communication and technology and
  • Human resources.

The Corporate team believe that compassion, empathy, open mindedness, and honesty are the values that drive them as a team, and strive to provide a supportive and non-judgmental environment for clients, staff, and stakeholders.

Ilona Prindable

Senior Finance Officer

Mellissa Doran

Quality and Clinical Services Officer

The Consumer Advisory Body

In recognition of  supporting the enormous value that partnerships with consumers provides to the overall quality of and outcomes from treatment provided, Karralika Programs is committed to improving consumer engagement strategies and activities. As a result, Karralika Programs has established a Consumer Advisory Body to provide advice to the organisation about opportunities for continuous quality improvement to enhance our services and better meet the needs of the community.

The Body is made up of past consumers and carers with qualities, experience and knowledge in areas representative of the needs of individuals, families and communities facing issues with alcohol and other drugs. The Body has a Chairperson appointed by the Chief Executive Officer. At a minimum, the Body meet bimonthly for between 2-3 hours per meeting to review papers and provide feedback and suggestions to the Executive and the Karralika Programs Board. The Body also regularly participate in Board Forums and strategic planning sessions.

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