Donations and In-Kind Services

Karralika Programs is a not-for-profit community based organisation established in 1976 in the ACT to assist adults and families change their lives and overcome dependence on alcohol and drugs, through residential and community based rehabilitation programs and services.

Karralika relies on community support in order to continue to provide alcohol and drug treatment programs and services to those in our community. A donation to Karralika is an investment in the future of those in our community, giving every person the chance to empower change and create a new future for optimal quality of life.

All donations $2 and over are fully tax deductible.

We see the potential in every individual.

Thank you for your support.


In-Kind Services – Do you have skills, knowledge, and expertise to share? 

Another way to support Karralika Programs to provide excellent programs and support to clients and to our workforce in the most cost-effective way possible, could be through offering your time, skills and knowledge in-kind. 

If you are a professional services agency, a business or an individual who has expertise, skills and knowledge in some of the areas listed below and would be willing to provide support in-kind, please get in touch with us – we’d love to hear from you. 

  • Communication and Marketing 
  • Fundraising 
  • Event planning, photography 
  • Legal advice 
  • Research and evaluation 
  • Staff training 
  • Property maintenance 

Please call (02) 6185 1300 or email and have a chat about how you might be able to give back to the community and support Karralika to continue the great work we do each day! 


Partnerships allow supporters to provide cash or ‘in kind’ support to Karralika Programs Inc. Partners generally provide cash, products or services to Karralika Programs Inc. in return for public recognition of their support. The level of public recognition that a partner is given through Karralika Programs Inc. publications and events is proportionate to the cash value or cash equivalent value of products or services provided. Partnership support to Karralika Programs Inc. is generally not tax-deductible because the partner is getting a benefit in return for its support (e.g. advertising and marketing benefits). If you would like to discuss the possibility of being a partner to support Karralika Programs Inc. please contact the CEO on 02 6185 1300 or by email to or fill out the Supporter form which will open a PDF document.

Become a Member of Karralika Programs Inc.

Karralika Programs Inc. depends on the generosity of our members who provide an essential role in supporting the objectives of the organisation. We are always looking for new members, either individuals or companies to support the organisation. Further information on becoming a Karralika Programs supporter is available from this website by completing the Membership application form which will open a PDF document or by calling Karralika Programs Inc. on (02) 6185 1300 during business hours.

Do you need help?

Every journey begins with the first step. We have fully trained staff ready to speak to you about your dependence or about someone you may care for.