Karralika Programs actively seeks feedback from our residents and clients on their experience within our Programs, what that has meant to them, and where we can improve our service or range of program.

Reversed Driver Education

“Course convenors were excellent & very approachable. Presentation of info and material was not condescending or judgemental which made it easy to learn and deal with.”

“I did not have to attend ie not court ordered. I found the info. really useful – that’s what brought me back for the second session.”

“It was a real eye opener. Always thought I was bullet proof but now realise that I am not. Should be mandatory for everyone getting a licence.”

“I learned a lot, and everyone was very helpful. Facilitators were great.”

“The informative staff were excellent in both examining, and helpful. Great people and information and understanding.”

“I felt comfortable and felt the facilitators provided informative information.”

“I think Tristan and Sarah have made me change my thinking and they need a pay rise as they have a big heart and think about others. They have changed me big time :)”

“The facilitators were good, friendly, approachable. I enjoyed the course more than I expected to.”

“Melissa and Tristan were fantastic teachers. Learnt a lot from them.”

“Well presented, good knowledge base. Enlightening.”

Adult & Family Residential Programs

“I am so grateful for the opportunity to have my children with me in the Family Program. The smile on my children’s faces at the end of each day makes it all worthwhile.”

“I am very grateful for this opportunity to change my life for the better. Without it I don’t know where I would be right now. Karralika has given me the tools to lead a productive, drug-free and fulfilling life. I’ve seen others achieve this and how it is possible for me too.”

“Thank you for your time and patience. I’m so grateful for the tools i have learning and will forever be grateful to you guys. Thanks again! ”

“I will forever be grateful to you all for the way you loved me back to life.”

“To get me where I am today, at my graduation, would not have been possible without everyone here today.”

“Thank you. You guys have helped me transform mine and my children life.”

“Concepts like personal responsibility, consequential thinking, and living spiritually and with principles were just words to me before I came to this community. Each day I am given opportunities and support to not just understand these concepts but practice them. As a result I am seeing both how unacceptable and inappropriate much of my previous behaviour has been – to my family, my friends and importantly, to the broader community. But I am also being shown that if I can adapt both my thinking and behaviour in this community, and learn from the peers who model the way I wish to be, that there is hope for my future too. I truly believe that this community will enable me to once again be a supportive and responsible parent, a productive and trustworthy member of society but also finally, and ultimately, the honest, proud woman I aspire to be.”

Nexus Men’s and Transition Programs

“Leaving the therapeutic community was daunting but the support I received in transition assisted me to grow in confidence and returning to the community was not so scary after all.”

“The whole community team has handled the current COVID crisis utterly professional and this was comforting. It always felt like we remained the focus.”

“Just thought I’d let you know things between my family haven’t been this good in a long time. We feel like a team again. Thank you for all your support.”

“This has been a lifesaving experience and I am most grateful.”

Solaris Program

“I’m starting to understand that I can be someone within the community, with a stable life, not just a regular face in custody. I’m learning that there is more to life than being incarcerated. In this [Solaris] community the people are fantastic, the over-whelming support, a selfless act, and the leadership from the facilitators, incredible.”

“A lot of things were really eye opening, which is good in my view.”

On Learning

“I have been able to challenge my thinking and find myself reflecting throughout the week.”

On Learning

“I will now challenge my core beliefs and (attempt) to change them and continue to PRACTICE this tool.”

On Learning

“Easy to understand and follow along with. Make me feel comfortable to talk and be a part of the group.”

On Facilitation

“I think they’re awesome with how they can show such compassion and knowledge.”

On Facilitation

“Absolutely (happy with facilitation). They’re always there for you and never speak ‘at’ or ‘to’ us in a judgmental fashion.”

On Facilitation


“It was great having access to counselling prior to entering the therapeutic community.”

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