Our Approach To Recovery

The organisation of Karralika Programs supports individuals and families experiencing alcohol and other drug dependence to choose a better life through residential and community-based treatment programs.

Our focus is person-centred, helping you to identify and understand the reasons for your alcohol and/or drug use in the past, and working with you to help you achieve your personal recovery goals.

But what is “recovery”?

In the Therapeutic Community model of treatment, recovery is the multidimensional learning about oneself behaviourally, cognitively and emotionally to achieve and sustain positive living. For Karralika Programs this means supporting you in an active process of discovery to develop a sense of hope, a sense of meaning and purpose for your life, a sense of community and belonging and a sense of positive identity and pride.

The principles upon which Karralika Programs supports recovery are: self-determination, empowerment, holistic, wellbeing, connectedness, harm minimisation and positive living.

Here are some definitions, with similar principles, coined by leading alcohol and drug organisations:

Anex: Recovery is a voluntary self-determined process toward wellbeing through minimisation or cessation of drug-related harms. This involves fostering healthy supported connections, such as with self, family, peers and community, and is premised upon fair access to pre-requisites for wellbeing.

Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA): recovery is a process of change through which individuals improve their health and wellness, live a self-directed life, and strive to reach their full potential.

UK Drug Policy Commission: recovery is voluntarily sustained control over substance use which maximises health and wellbeing and participation in the rights, roles and responsibilities of society.

Betty Ford Institute Consensus Panel: a voluntarily maintained lifestyle characterised by sobriety, personal health and citizenship.

Our approach to rehabilitation

Karralika Programs offers programs underpinned by the Therapeutic Community theory, model and method. Our programs include a combination of one-to-one case management, educational and therapeutic groups, creative therapies, BALANCE healthy eating, relapse prevention and SMART Recovery. Read on for further information.

Vision, Philosophy and Values

Karralika Programs Inc sees the potential in every individual – employees, clients and stakeholders and seeks to consult and engage individuals in all aspects of its operations.

Our commitment to meeting the needs of clients and their families is resolute. We are skilled in what we do, and we work with others to bring a holistic and considered approach to each situation and each person. We actively empower and enable individuals to advise, co-design and refine services, programs and operations so their fullest potential might be realised.

Our work is underpinned by the following values:

Trust and Integrity

Trust and integrity form the foundation of all our dealings. We will be professional, forthright and accessible ensuring our actions
are fully transparent, accountable and congruent with our mission and total value system.

Respect and Dignity

We believe in the self-worth and dignity of all people. Our relationships are non-judgmental, respectful and positive. We act with
empathy, accepting and valuing diversity – cultural, religious, gender, disability and in life experience – in those we support and
work alongside.

Quality and Accountability

Our services are evidence based, best practice and of a consistent high quality. We hold ourselves transparently accountable
to quality standards in all aspects of our work. We are committed to our staff and their professional resilience, growth and
development by investing in continuous professional development, supervision and health and wellbeing programs and services.
We use our resources wisely to fulfil the vision and mission of the organisation and the clients we seek to serve.

Agility and Responsiveness

We work from a person-centred approach that is agile and responsive to changing needs and circumstances. We consciously
seek to evolve our service model to meet the diverse needs of the communities we support through consultation, research and
innovation. We offer a range of approaches and work collaboratively with the individual to create effective solutions that meet
their specific needs.

Leadership and Courage

We are accountable and transparent in all our actions and every aspect of our business. We demonstrate strength, vulnerability
and commitment; role modelling the process of empowering, enabling and engaging our people and clients to fulfil their potential.
We are strategic in our thinking, sharing our knowledge and skills with others to bring about change in a dynamic and ever changing environment.

Collaboration and Support

We seek and engage in opportunities for collaboration to improve client outcomes in every aspect of our business. We believe
collaboration will lead to better coordinated and innovative services, maximising resources to effectively support individuals,
families and communities. We will support clients, their families and our staff to identify opportunities for us to acquire new
skills, capacity or services through collaboration with other agencies, institutions or providers.

We believe that a person’s dependence on alcohol or other drugs is a symptom of underlying personal difficulties. Our staff aim to provide a safe and caring environment to deliver programs that assist individuals to develop life skills, challenge behaviours and attitudes and learn the tools and information needed to support recovery.

Our programs are accessible to individuals from different cultures, languages and backgrounds and are able to support people with complex needs and mental health conditions. Our staff respect diversity, lived- and life-experiences, and are qualified and caring.

We are committed to providing quality services to our clients and their families in a way that meets their needs, is aligned with our core values, and reflected in our programs and policies. This commitment is formalised in our Client Bill of Rights and our Consumer Participation and Engagement Strategy and underpinned by our Clinical Governance Framework.

Karralika Programs is committed to reconciliation, acknowledges the traditional custodians of the land and pays respect to elders past and present.

Karralika means ‘on a height’ or ‘on a hill’ which is where the original Karralika Homestead was built. Our logo depicts two faces, drawn with a single unbroken line demonstrating our holistic and collaborative approach to support people with alcohol and drug dependencies to move beyond their addiction. It reflects our staff innovation, drive and dedication and the personal and connected approach we take in support each and every person to choose a better life. The image suggests the continuous forward-motion of the journey with Karralika Programs on the road to recovery.

Governance and Funding

Karralika Programs Inc. is a non-government organisation supporting individuals and families to minimise the harms associated with problematic alcohol and other drug dependence. We are governed by a Board of Directors, in line with our Constitution. We are a member of the Australian Charities and Not-for-profits Commission, accredited by Quality Innovation Performance against the QIC Health and Community Service Standards, and operate with funding from governments and other agencies. 

Our organisation acknowledges the invaluable support provided by various government agencies at the state, territory, and Commonwealth levels, including ACT Health, Australian Government Department of Health, Australian Government Department of Social Services, and NSW Ministry of Health. Additionally, Karralika Programs receives funding from Capital Health Network (ACT Primary Health Network) and the Network of Alcohol and Other Drug Agencies (NADA)for specific projects and programs. 

In addition to government and agency funding, Karralika Programs receives support from philanthropic donations, sponsorships, fundraising activities, and community grants. If you’re interested in supporting our cause, please contact us to find out more. 

Karralika Programs Inc. is incorporated under the ACT Associations Incorporation Act 1991 and is a public benevolent institution, a charitable institution, and an approved gift fund recipient. The organisation is exempt from income tax and is accredited by the Quality Improvement Council. The Karralika Therapeutic Community and the Solaris Therapeutic Community are both certified by the Australasian Therapeutic Communities Association, the national peak body for therapeutic communities. 


Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Cultural Support and Liaison

Karralika Programs is fortunate to have an Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Cultural Support and Liaison Officers on staff to support our First Nations clients and families. In 2019, we converted some of our Government funding to establish two identified positions as part of our continued commitment to reconciliation, inclusion and healing for First Nations People who engage with our service and work with us.

With an average 20-25% of clients identifying as Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander, this was an important initiative and aligns with our continued commitment to creating and maintaining a safe, inclusive and welcoming space for our clients, families and staff.  

Our Cultural Support Officers have been instrumental in supporting our Indigenous clients to access our programs, connect and reconnect with their culture and country, remain in program for longer and support positive outcomes for both healing and recovery.  

Our Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Cultural Support and Liaison Officers provide cultural support and engagement to all Karralika Programs, across sites on Ngunnawal Country (Family Program, Adult Residential TC, Community Houses, Matrix Day Program and Solaris Program), providing support across all phases of engagement from Assessment and Intake through to Outreach, and supporting connection to services when returning to their community and country.   Support provided includes: 

  • one-on-one for Indigenous clients 
  • delivery of a cultural program for all residents of our residential rehabilitation programs 
  • family inclusion 
  • information sharing with non-Indigenous staff to increase knowledge and understanding about First Nations people and culture 
  • community engagement and building relationships through reconciliation. 

 We are also working to extend this support to our First Nations clients on Wiradjuri and Yuin Nation country.  

Karralika Programs as a whole, is keen to keep the conversation going with both staff and clients around reconciliation and inclusion. We add our voice to the importance of self-determination, reconciliation and closing the gap. We listen, learn, participate, plan, and implement strategies to provide safe, inclusive and diverse programs that promote healing and support clients to reach their personal goals – are seen, heard and connected to culture and country. 


Client and staff feedback:

“Truly inspiring and makes me feel very connected. I admire Tiana’s work, education and support that I can pass on to my children and family.”  

“I feel Tiana brings vitality to the community that is much needed. She puts a smile on my face every time I see her.”   

“I enjoy learning something new every time Tiana comes to the community. I feel connected to my Country and community. Thanks Tiana for passing on your knowledge.” 

“Going on cultural engagements and learning about my partner’s and children’s culture has been amazing thank you.” 

“I have amazing cultural engagements with Tiana, she shows me many things about my culture that I never thought I would learn. I am very grateful to have her alongside of me in Karralika.” 

Do you need help?

Every journey begins with the first step. We have fully trained staff ready to speak to you about your dependence or about someone you may care for.