Project Description

Transition Program

Transition is our program for clients who have completed their stay at the Therapeutic Community and wishing to have a supported environment while reintegrating back into the community. Clients live in a group house setting in the community whilst continuing a treatment and recovery program.

What Program Offers

While less structured than the Therapeutic Community program the purpose is the same. Our team provides tools and support to help them prevent and more effectively deal with lapse and relapse situations and to follow through with their identified recovery goals. Clients are supported to take advantage of a range of opportunities available to them in the community including, but not limited to, social networking, ongoing treatment assistance and employment opportunities.

Program Staff Available to Residents

– Case Manager

– Counsellor

Do you need help?

Every journey begins with the first step. We have fully trained staff ready to speak to you about your dependence or about someone you may care for.