Project Description

Women: Choice and Change Program

Women: Choice and Change is a six session program that deals with the impact of domestic violence on women.

Domestic and family violence is a complex social problem. It impacts on women, children, families and communities in Australia and is both serious and preventable (VicHealth 2004).Women are most likely to be the victims of domestic and family violence. Men are much more likely to be perpetrators. Domestic and family violence also occurs in same sex relationships.

For the purpose of this program the term domestic violence is defined as: ‘any behaviour, in an intimate or family relationship, which is violent, threatening, coercive or controlling, causing a person to live in fear. It is usually manifested as part of a pattern of controlling or coercive behaviour.’ (It Stops Here 2014)

What the program offers

You may find parts of the program hard. The facilitators are here to guide you and help you ‘sit’ with difficult or challenging feelings when they come up.

The facilitators will provide support to you throughout the program and assist you to feel safe in the group environment. You can use this program to understand your personal experience and learn from other women in the group. Just as you learn from others, they will also learn from you.

The program will help you better understand yourself. As you learn during the course of the program, you will feel more confident in your own ability to move forward in your life, building strong and healthy relationships.

Program Staff available to clients

This is a co-delivered program with experienced facilitators from Karralika Programs and Relationships Australia.

Do you need help?

Every journey begins with the first step. We have fully trained staff ready to speak to you about your dependence or about someone you may care for.